Liliana almeida non stop

liliana almeida non stop

How old is Liliana Almeida?

Liliana Almeida was born on March 10, 1983 in Portugal. She is an actress, known for Inspector Max (2004), Cali: Moulin Rouge (2012) and Big Brother Famosos (2001). See full bio » Show by... Job Year » Rating » Number of Ratings » Genre » Keyword »

Was Liliana Almeida in Big Brother?

Liliana Patrícia Almeida was a housemate on Big Brother Famosos 4 (Portugal) . ↑ Liliana Almeida (in Portuguese) (2 January 2022). Retrieved on 2 January 2022.

When did nonstop start to promote the song Assim Como?

Still in 2005, Nonstop started to promote the ballad; Assim Como És, produced by AC and Gutto, and E Tudo Vai Mudar’s English, and original version Sooner Or Later . With the start of the New Year, 2006 also became the start of a new era for Nonstop.

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