Ral 9006

ral 9006

What color is 9006 Ral?

RAL 9006 White aluminium This page shows RAL color 9006 called White aluminium. This color appears in the category White and black hues, part of the collection RAL Classic. In other languages, this RAL color has the following names:

How much does a RAL color fan deck cost?

You can have a RAL color fan deck for as low as €13.95. There is one major difference on RAL 9006 and RAL 9007 from the rest of the 213 RAL Classic colors, which are all opaque colors in different hues suitable for all colored materials. With every new edition these color samples can be produced within a very precise tolerance.

What is the lightness of the RAL Design System plus?

In the RAL Design System Plus, there are groups of colours every 10° of hue and additionally at 75°, 85° and 95°. Possible lightness values are 15% through 90% in steps of 5% for monochromatic shades of gray (i.e. C = 0%) and 20% through 90% in steps of 10% and additionally 85% and 93%.

What are the colours of Ral 1005?

Signal yellow RAL 1004 Golden yellow CaterpillarYellow RAL 1005 Honey yellow RAL 1006 Maize yellow RAL 1007 Daffodil yellow RAL 1011 Brown beige RAL 1012 Lemon yellow RAL 1013 Pearl white RAL 1014 Ivory RAL 1015 Light ivory

What do the colour numbers in the RAL Design System plus mean?

The two last figures of a shade in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus describe the level of colourfulness (0 = grey / 100 = pure colourfulness). The four-digit colour numbers in the RAL EFFECT collection are based on the principle of consistent colour family grading. Every colour family has been given a three-digit basic number.

What languages is RAL Design System plus available in?

The worldwide use of RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus is supported by a clear, simple understanding of colour using associative colour names which are available in German, English, French, Russian and Chinese.

How many colours are available at RAL?

There are a total of 2,530 RAL colours – 215 shades are included in the RAL CLASSIC colour collection, 1,825 shades in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus and a selection of 490 shades are available in the RAL EFFECT colour collection. Can I also buy paints and coatings at RAL? RAL does not sell any coating materials and also does not produce them.

What is the color of Ral 5000?

Therefore, for example the shade 000 50 00 from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus is a grey shade (hue H = 0 and chroma C = 0), while the shade RAL 5000 from the RAL CLASSIC colour collection is an intense blue shade. What shades form the colour circle?

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