Things to do in porto

things to do in porto

What to do in Porto Portugal today?

25 Best Things to Do in Porto (Portugal) 1 1. Cais da Ribeira. Source: flickr Cais da Ribeira. 2 2. Serralves Museum & Villa. 3 3. Luís I Bridge. 4 4. Church of São Francisco. 5 5. Palácio da Bolsa. More items

Where to eat the best in Porto?

Café Santiago is oft touted as one of Porto’s best places to try the francesinha, but the sandwich can by found all over the city. Afterwards, go easy on your heart and have a salad supper. Porto began its life as a sleepy fishing village on the bank of the Douro River on the site of the modern-day neighbourhood of Ribeira.

What to do in Foz do Porto?

You can end your visit to Foz do Porto with a stroll to Douro quay lighthouses or take the opportunity to enjoy the small but beautiful beaches in this area.

Where to go for a night out in Portugal?

After this wonderful moment, there are several places where people can go to enjoy what’s left of a long night. Many are those who go to the riverbanks, to the Ribeira of Porto or Gaia, and spend joyful moments there in the company of family or friends.

What to do in Foz do Douro?

Welcome to Foz do Douro. Out west, Foz do Douro dances to its own relaxed beat, with beach bars humming with bronzed locals, lighthouses commanding big ocean views, botanical gardens for strolling, and one of Portos two Michelin-starred restaurants. Wander the esplanade to the backbeat of the Atlantic and kick back on the beach with an ice cream.

What to do in Porto?

To fully discover Porto and its history you must go to Foz do Douro. There are daily guided tours of the building. Get a breathtaking view over Gaia and Ribeira. Many beautiful beaches await you in the region. Cross the bridge and enjoy the view on Porto!

What is the best way to spend a day in Foz?

Foz means beaches, and beaches mean the sea. The waters in these parts are always on the chilly side, which is great if the weather is baking. If it’s not, you might prefer to stay beachside and just chill to the sound of the waves. Alternatively, stroll beside the sea, or rent a bike and ride along the coastal cycle path.

How to get to the lighthouse in Foz?

How to get there: take the tram Line 1 to Passeio Alegre, the lighthouse is an 8 minutes walk from there. If you’re further away from waters and don’t know what to do in Foz, you should visit a cute little spot called A Bolacheira.

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