Surf forecast nazare

surf forecast nazare

What is the surf forecast for Nazare?

The surf forecast for Nazare over the next 12 days: The first swell (rated 1 star or higher) is forecast to arrive on Tuesday (Jan 25) at 9AM. The primary swell is predicted to be 2ft and 13s period with a secondary swell of 2ft and 11s. The wind is predicted to be offshore as the swell arrives.

What is the tabella della previsione di surf qui sopra per Nazare?

La tabella della previsione di surf qui sopra per Nazare fornisce informazioni essenziali per determinare se le condizioni di surf saranno buone nei prossimi 12 giorni. Una guida generale al surf per Nazare è disponibile selezionando lopzione della guida locale al surf nel menu grigio.

How to see the waves in Nazaré?

Check the live streaming of Nazaré Praia do Norte beachcam. Check the Nazare waves today. Webcams are the most practical way to see the beach, by desire or curiosity, on days of great swell or on calmer days, and go when big if you can.

Is it crowded at Nazare?

It very rarely gets crowded here. The best conditions reported for surf at Nazare occur when a West swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the East. Whats the best time of year to surf Nazare (for consistent clean waves)?

Where can I find a general guide to surfing at Nazare?

A general guide to surfing at Nazare can be found by selecting the local surf guide option on the grey menu. Our Nazare surf forecast is unique since it includes wave energy (power) that defines the real feel of the surf rather than just the height or the period.

How high can the waves get in Nazaré?

Forecasts cannot precisely predict the height of the big waves in Nazaré. That’s because the calculation of wave heights is based on data from buoys around the ocean. The Nazaré canyon can amplify this calculated height by up to 3 times. Meaning that a predicted wave height of 3 meters can easily reach 9 meters.

What is XXL Nazaré like to surf?

Inside beach break is for experienced barrel hounds and pros. XXL Nazaré is for the worlds best big wave surfers only. Nazaré has become one of Portugals favorite spectacles, and the local population tends to love surfing (and especially the surfers who brave Nazaré). That being said, the lineup can get a bit hectic on the biggest days.

What is the water temperature at Nazare?

The water temperature (14.9 °C) at Nazare is quite cool. If the sun shines as we have forecast, it should feel warm enough to surf in a good spring wetsuit. Effective windchill factor of (15.0 °C) will make the air and water feel about the same temperature.

Wind Update Cross-off winds at Praia do Norte are now cross-shore so expect speed-bumps in the surf (light winds from the S at Serra de Mangues wx 6 miles from Praia do Norte). Please reload the page to see if there are any updates. Località segrete? 5 hr 37 min 50 s. Questi sono altezze donde di mare aperto.

When can you see the biggest waves in Nazaré?

When can you see giant waves in Nazaré? Winter storms will awaken the monsters. Surfers are keeping an eye on Nazaré from late October to late March approximately. In the heart of winter (January-February), it’s often rough in Nazaré.

Are there any surfers in Nazare?

Usually there are always surfers present, and more and more, coming from all over the world. Many already spend the season of great waves in Nazare, so if there are waves they will surf, which is also good for tourists because it gives a better idea of the size of the waves.

How to get to Nazare?

The best place to watch the waves is by the Nazare Lighthouse at Praia do Norte. Lisbon Airport in Portugal is the closest to Nazaré, you can reach Nazare by car, bus or train. The annual WSL Nazare Challenge surf event takes place on 1 October to 31 March, the day of the event is confirmed only 48 hours in advance.

Can you help to improve the site Nazare waves?

Please share the site to your friends to help us improve the site. The largest waves in the world reach the coast at Nazare in Portugal between October and March (not every day). It is not possible to know more than a week in advance the forecast of the waves and the forecast may fail.

Eventually, rural, old-world Portugal gives way to occasional modern houses, then a subdivision or two, before a winding road deposits you right into the center of Nazaré. Driving through the narrow streets, you find old men sitting on curbs smoking cigarettes and women in black shouting “Need hotel?”

What is the history of Nazaré?

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